The European Solar Physics Meetings (ESPMs) aim to highlight all aspects of modern solar physics research, including observation and theory that span from the interior of the Sun out into the wider heliosphere. These meetings provide a broad, yet stimulating, environment for European and international scientists to share the findings of their research in solar physics.

The list of scientific sessions for ESPM-14 is:

    Session 1 - New and Upcoming Heliospheric Observational and Data Assimilation Facilities
    Session 2 - The Sun as a Whole: Large-Scale Flows, Magnetism, Magnetoconvection and the Solar Cycle
    Session 3 - Emergence and Evolution of Magnetic Flux in the Solar Atmosphere
    Session 4 - Chromospheric Dynamics
    Session 5 - Heating and Transient Activity of the Solar Corona: Waves, Flows, Reconnection and Jets
    Session 6 - Solar Eruptive Events: Instabilities, Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections
    Session 7 - Radio Emission and Particle Acceleration
    Session 8 - The Solar Wind and Space Weather Research

The meeting will comprise of 23 invited reviews and ~70 contributed talks (see Scientific Programme) as well as  ~180 poster presentations. Posters will be on display close to the lecture theatre in two rotations (Monday morning to Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning to Thursday evening). Refreshments will be served in the poster areas during two dedicated coffee/poster breaks each full day.

We look forward to welcoming you to an enjoyable, stimulating, and productive meeting in Dublin.